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Bedminster New Jersey

The History of Bedminster New Jersey

The Township of Bedminster, with 8,165 residents and 27 square miles, is characterized by many desirable qualities.  With a diversity of landscapes, parklands, residences and services, Bedminster offers an agreeable quality of life most communities cannot claim.

From Pottersville to Pluckemin, from Union Grove to Burnt Mills and from Lamington to Bedminster Village, our town presents a pleasant mix of history, natural beauty, access to amenities and excellent schools.  We're also fortunate to have a well-managed municipal government and low taxes. The Township of Bedminster in the Somerset Hills of New Jersey was chartered in 1749 by King George II of England.  Settled by Dutch, German, Irish and Scottish immigrants, the Township was a rural farming community until 1890, when rail services linked Far Hills and Peapack-Gladstone with the cities.

Local Terrain 

The sprawling green Township with its farmlands, trout streams and villages with ascending church spires, lured city people to the country.  Construction of state and interstate highways has drawn the Township into the metropolitan ring, and residential and corporate growth continues in the eastern section of the community.

The Township is bordered on the east by the North Branch of The Raritan River and its tributaries, Lamington River and Chambers Brook. 

There are three villages in the Township, each with its own Post Office:  Bedminster, 07921; Pluckemin, 07978; and Pottersville, 07979.


  • Revolutionary War, who lived the last 30 years of his life in the Lamington area and is buried in the Lamington Presbyterian Church Cemetery.

  • Jacqueline Mars – of the Mars candy family. Bedminster (born October 10, 1939) is an American heiress, investor and philanthropist.

  • James Brady – Bedminster – Peapack – Wall Street Financier -1921

  • Malcolm Forbes – Bedminster, Publisher of Forbes Magazine

  • Elizabeth Merck – Bedminster – Heir to the Merck Pharmaceutical family

  • John DeLorean – Bedminster – Former GM Exec, Automaker (later sold to Trump as now Trump National Golf Club)

  • President Donald J. Trump – Bedminster in what is known as the Lamington House.

  • Woody Johnson – Bedminster – (aka Robert Wood Johnson IV) Owner of the New York Jets

  • Thomas Kean – Bedminster – Former NJ Governor

  • Steve Forbes – Bedminster – Publisher and former Presidential candidate.

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